About CDP Competence

In 2016, a small group of 3CD members were assigned to working on updating the S&Gs, which are now quite dated. The original working group members that developed this very preliminary outline of a possible structure for the new S&Gs are: Sharon Graham (Chair), Lynne Bezanson, Sareena Hopkins, Cathy Milton, Wayne Pagani, and Paula Wischoff-Yerama.

The team completed significant work towards identifying gaps and areas in need of updating within the current S&Gs. They documented recommendations and requests from various stakeholder sources, mapped evolving and emergent core and specialization competencies against current S&Gs. Modeled a possible design format / structure of competency details, which is being brought forward for a wide consultation process.

Our goal moving forward is to:

  • Make the S&Gs current incorporating diversity, technology, theory, and practice.
  • Expand the specializations to be more inclusive of all Career Development Practitioners.
  • Simplify the model, eliminating multiple levels and merging everything into one harmonious document.
  • Provide clarity to eliminate overlap of competencies and mitigate ambiguity and confusion.
  • Create distinctions between functions and better organize the S&Gs.
  • To incorporate measurable and demonstrable elements to competencies.
  • Engage readers and connect with practitioners so that they are motivated to use the S&Gs.

This initiative will also build on the enormous efforts and investments of provincial associations in building professional identity, promoting professional development and advancing certification.

The S&G’s team is deeply committed to working closely with you on this important initiative, ensuring its hallmarks throughout are transparency, inclusivity and integrity.

We’re sensitive to the fact that associations, training providers, and other stakeholders have existing programs that are based on the current S&Gs. So, we want to keep everyone informed on the progress of our initiative. We also want to give stakeholders an opportunity to provide input and prepare for any upcoming changes. The work will be done very gradually and carefully, but not quickly. Updates will be available regularly via the 3CD and S&Gs website, and drafts will be posted for review when available.

Working closely with career development stakeholders across Canada, we will update and expand the S&Gs so that they reflect current and emergent practice in our field and include the full range of professionals doing career development work across diverse settings.