Project Details


The Canadian Council for Career Development (3CD) is partnering with the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF) to implement the project, Supporting Canadians to Navigate Learning and Work. 



The project will focus on:

  • Working closely with career development stakeholders across Canada to update and expand the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs) so that they reflect current and emergent practice in the career development field and include the full range of professionals doing career development work across diverse settings;
  • Actively supporting the adoption and implementation of the new Standards by career development professionals (CDPs), their employers, training providers and professional associations; and
  • Working with all provincial associations to explore possibilities for stronger cohesion and professional mobility through a pan-Canadian approach to certification.

The project began on September 10th and will end in late August 2021.  It will build on the strong foundations established through the original S&Gs and the ongoing dedication of two 3CD working groups: the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs) Working Group and the Certification Working Group.  It will also build on the enormous efforts and investments of provincial associations in building professional identity, promoting professional development and advancing certification. Consistent with the rollout of the original S&Gs project, the CCDF and the 3CD will endeavor to conduct all phases of this Supporting Canadians to Navigate Learning and Work project with the principles and values of collaboration, inclusivity, and transparency uppermost in mind.


  • Updating the S&Gs for CDPs and creating a new CDP Competency Framework;
  • Consulting extensively with front-line professionals in all specializations in all provinces and territories to ensure comprehensiveness and relevance of competencies to front-line practice;
  • Establishing and implementing a national certification process for CDPs;
  • Developing an online competency assessment tool to support organizational planning, targeted staff training/upgrading and personal professional development;
  • Consult with colleges and universities to ensure that the S&Gs are used to design and update current career development professional training courses;
  • Consulting with faculties of education to encourage the inclusion of core and career education competencies in their teacher preparation curriculum;
  • Obtain consensus on conditions for mobility across provinces and territories for CDPs; and
  • Encourage employers to move toward endorsing and requiring CDPs to hold provincial certification as a recruitment requirement.



The National Stakeholder Committee (NSC) is the outreach arm of the initiative, ensuring their respective memberships/constituencies are informed, consulted and included throughout all phases of the project and beyond.  Initially the NSC will be comprise associations and organizations already part of the 3CD or closely connected with the current S&Gs.  Over the course of the three-year project, the NSC will identify, engage, and fully consult groups not currently represented in the S&Gs.  The NSC conducted their first meeting in Ottawa on December 5th and 6th, 2018, with the objective of providing opportunities for meeting participants to:

  • become fully informed about the scope of the project, including its goals, stages, targeted outcomes and value to the career development field;
  • understand, at a high level, the work that has been done to date on the S&Gs as a basis for moving forward;
  • understand, at a high level, the work that has been done to date with respect to certification as a basis for moving forward;
  • gain clarity and confidence in the principles and values underpinning the project;
  • determine a range of potential roles they can play to contribute to the project;
  • work together to shape the consultation plan;
  • work together to shape the communication plan;
  • contribute to shaping the project’s direction.

The record of discussion, presentations, and supporting documents from the NSC meeting are available through NSC members, 3CD, and CCDF.


The Project Management Team, in partnership with the CCDF and the 3CD, will:

  • ensure achievement of the project’s defined outcomes on time, as specified in the project charter;
  • construct and maintain all strategies, plans, and schedules for all project components;
  • manage all project components and schedules within the project charter, including the management of on-time delivery of specific products;
  • integrate efforts, continuously assess and refine approaches and plans; and
  • evaluate the project as defined in the performance measurement plan.

Project Management Team Members


In the coming months, the project will focus on extensive consultations with stakeholders across the county.  All stakeholders who express interest in participating will be included.  Multiple methods of consultation will be utilized, including focus group meetings, regional coffee sessions, structured interviews with key experts, surveys, polls, conference presentations, conference coffee sessions, and more!