3CD Registration Form

3CD’s Approach to Membership:

3CD’s original vision was to bring together career development associations and organizations representing Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) to collaborate on common issues and form a stronger national advocacy voice for our field.  It quickly became clear, however, that the activities of 3CD could benefit from – and be of interest to – a wider range of stakeholders, including post-secondary institutions and other groups offering training and professional development to CDPs, provincial government departments focused on education and/or labour, resource developers and private service providers.

Today, 3CD’s approach to membership tries to reflect a spirit of abundance and inclusion. 3CD is 100% volunteer-driven.  Membership fees cover some hard costs associated with communication and, ultimately we hope, may also support Working Group initiatives.  Accordingly, every member is asked to contribute a flat annual membership fee of $500 as an investment in the field of career development to advance the work of 3CD.  Larger contributions are, needless to say, also very welcome! If, however, this investment is beyond financial means/sources, members are asked to use the Registration Form to indicate the amount of their contribution (if any) and to consider delineating any in-kind contributions (of time, expertise and/or resources) which might be provided.  We simply ask members to honorably contribute what they can in whatever way they can. Our intent is to have all interested and committed supporters of the career development field at the table. All, regardless of capacity to pay, are welcomed as members. There is no differential power or status within the Council.  We function on a consensus basis and everyone at the table is equally valued.  We have not and will not make public the amount paid by specific members. Once registered, members will be copied on all 3CD correspondence, welcome to join Working Groups and invited to all meetings as full participants.

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