Membership Benefits

3CD is a national focal point for our field, bringing value to the sector by promoting collaboration and cohesion, sharing vital resources and tools and establishing stronger national and international presence for our field.

3CD is a much needed body in Canada – one that can provide a national advocacy voice for the career development profession and promote provincial/territorial collaboration on common issues such as certification, training, practitioner mobility, quality service indicators and building the career development evidence base.

For the first time, we have a home and one-stop shop for our sector that will:

  • Connect provincial/territorial associations and organizations to each other and to national and international leadership initiatives;
  • Promote clarity and professional identity in our field;
  • Offer access to critical professional information related to training, certification, research, development, practice and policy;
  • Promote the sharing of promising/innovative practices across provinces, territories and sectors; and
  • Contribute to building our field’s capacity to influence, advocate and offer excellence.